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Doral launches new online mortgage service.

Looking to offer “better service and transparency” to its mortgage clients, Doral Bank unveiled Monday a new online service through which account holders can immediately access their history and information with the bank.

The Doral Online Mortgage gives customers the ability to see their loan balance, interest rates, payment history, monthly payment distributions, annual depreciation, reserves statements and copies of deeds. Furthermore, the online service opens a new avenue for customers to schedule and make their payments, Doral officials said.

“This new tool joins the list of benefits that our mortgage customers have,” said María del Carmen Torres, vice president of Doral Mortgage Operations. “This, coupled with a service experience that makes a difference, makes Doral the first choice in the market to buy and refinance.”

To access the new service, customers must enter the bank’s site and click on the Doral Online Mortgage option in the blue box located on the top left of the page. From there, the customer must enter the mortgage loan number and create a password.

As part of the launch, Doral Bank is also giving clients the option to pay their mortgage electronically, through direct or electronic debits through Doral Online Mortgage, or through instant transfers through Doral Online Banking.

“At Doral we continue to develop initiatives that help our customers gain more control of their finances, making it possible for them to meet their obligations easily, safely and as efficiently as possible,” said Alexandra López, vice president of online channel and information technology at Doral


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