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Web Wednesday: Good Things Are A-Tumblin’

Greetings! I’ve been absent for a few weeks, because I have been busy, but I haven’t forgotten about my readers. I have been reading up on various subjects, and I will keep you posted with new stories and editorials. For today, I want to feature some interesting things I’ve found on the web:

* www.fifigueroa.com – Fi Figueroa is a puertorrican fashion merchandiser and graphic arts student. She sews, glues, staples, cuts, wonders, questions & tapes her way into creating things. All of this while wishing she had her own bakery! She has two blogs: Previously-Owned, which specializes in fashion–vintage fashion; and Platters & Splatters, which is a foodie blog. In this latter blog, she has recipes and pretty beautiful and yummy-looking photography. I am a personal fan of her work, because we do not see this quality often in puertorrican blogs. These blogs have the quality of international blogs, I was actually quite surprised when I found out she was from Puerto Rico. I see a good future for her. When you visit her site, you can click on her blogs and read her blogs without leaving the homepage. (I seriously need to consider that!)


Tumblr… How do I begin to describe Tumblr? Tumblr is like a son born out of a threesome between Twitter, MySpace and Formspring. Tumblr is basically a community of blogs, but instead of every blog standing on their own, users really interact with each other. It has the “follow” feature, so if you really like a certain blogger, you can always know what he’s up to in your dashboard, but without the stalker-ish qualities of Facebook. It also has a “reblog” feature, which is basically the same as a retweet, sans the character restriction. And since it is highly customizable, it reminds me of MySpace, back when it was cool. (And back when I discovered the AMAZING world of DIV Layouts). It also has an “ask box”, which removes all need of having a comment box. You either have the option (if the user allows it) to comment using your username, or posting annonymously, which reminds me of Formspring, the attention-grabbing tweenagers’ “flavor du mois” of 2010.

With that introduction to Tumblr, we continue our list of interesting web finds, with a collection of what I consider being the best tumblr blogs in the web.

* Archiphile – Archiphile is a blog about architecture and industrial design. It features the best in interior design, industrial design and architecture. In their own words, “Archiphile’s tumblr is dedicated to the sexy within the architecture world. An art head can’t resist a gorgeous building, or as Archiphile puts it ‘Like a pedophile, but one who likes buildings’. Yes, and except that Chris Hansen won’t be waiting for you.”

* WeTheUrban, WeTheTasteMakers and WeTheIndie – This family of blogs is actually a series of virtual magazines catered to specific audiences. According to the info on their site: WeTheUrban is an online publication dedicated to everything related to culture, including: music, art, fashion, photography, and more. Only starting during the month of September of 2009, We The Urban has evolved into a one-stop daily news source for many internet savvy fashion enthusiasts. WeTheTasteMakers is a website catered to the modern fashion savvy male of the earth. WeTheIndie is a music blog devoted to sharing new and vintage indie, electronic, and pop music through album reviews, mp3 streams, and mixtapes. These websites are a daily inspiration for me.

Soon you can find Puerto Rico Digest on Tumblr! I will be working on it this summer, so if you want to collaborate not only with the tumblr, but with the main blog, you can contact me using the forms on the Contact page, or sending me an email to the address in the Contact Page.

See you next Wednesday!


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